get 1000 dollars within a month!

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I’m visualizing everyday, and believing that I can and will recieve 1000$ within a month!
Let’s see if that happens somehow, shall we?
Within just a few days I’ve allready recieved some new income. You can do the same! Set a money goal
within a month to happen, not too much or too little. But enough to make you excited about it!

Let it happen! Believe it! And somehow it will! But be open for many ways to recieve it, don’t limit yourself.
And don’t focus about how it will happen, but mostly the end result. You can also do this with other things
than money. Actually whatever you want!:)

Think positive!




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I’m sorry for delays, that I haven’t been updated my blog so often lately. I’m in a need for more inspiration:)
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Thank yooou<3

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A thank you for today=)

Today I got a new client, the weather was beautiful – sunny and worm, I was with friends. Great day!
So I say thank you for the day! ❤ Why don’t you too? Start by saying thank you for who you are, and everything in your life. It will definetly bring more of it into your life! ❤ 😀


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child sponsor – give! :)

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I have become a child sponsor. So I give some money each month to this organization that help poor people in all kinds of places all over the world. They help villages – all the people who live there. I feel good helping people and giving:) By giving and loving, you recieve more of this yourself. I am sponsor of a girl and her family in Africa. I’ve recieved a picture of her and her grandmother smiling. Cute. I’ve just written a letter to her, and I know they can also write back to me.

I’ll tell you all to do the same. It’s great, and it feels good!




a smile can do, love is all

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Do you know that even just a smile, can light up someone elses day? Do you ever think about those people around you? Those you go to school with, work with, hang with, and walk by in a store.

How do they actually feel those people surrounding you which you don’t really know..? If you feel good about yourself, and you love yourself, you are LOVED. And if you really love yourself, than it doesn’t matter who else loves you, cause love is love. Your love – others love. It’s the same thing, the same feeling, the same source. Love can help, loose up problems, bring prosperity, better relationships, fun and exciting journeys in your life:)

Don’t feel depending on others love to feel loved. YOU can still feel love for you. And if you do, you automatically bring love to others, cause you are full of love, so you have plenty to give. And it happens by it self. A smile to someone can do. Smile to a person on the street, at work, at school. Hug one of your friends and tell him or her how you appreciate them. Try it. Do it in your way and feel good about it. Feel the love. See love around you.

One secret to know about, love is surrounding you all the time. Be open and smile to new people, and you invite them into your life. How about just a small iniative to a conversation starting with a smile, can bring you a hole new and loving relationship? It’s sooooo possible. So try it:) Try it TODAY.

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How to feel good

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Do you have anything you know you can do to feel good or better, when you feel down?

Actually, we all have free will, and we choose for ourselves what we want to feel. If you feel bad in any way, you are chosing to feel bad. If somebody do something unfair to you, YOU CHOSE to feel anger, or what else you must feel.

When I feel down, listening to good music, meditate, go for a walk and listen to music, or work out, helps me feel good again. Also having a conversation within yourself (or writing it down on a piece of paper), helps. Talk yourself out of the negative and into the positive.

Why don’t you try that right now if you don’t feel so good. And even if you feel good, feel better:) Compliment yourself everyday, give of yourself to others every day and care, and they will love you:) Love yourself, and the world will bring you love:)

Have a great day, evening or night;)


create your vaccation!

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Now there’s only two months until I’m going to India. I believe it’s gonna be fun!:) I’m still learning some hindi language – at least writing it. I’m not sure if I prononce the words right. Lol! I’m moving forward, and I’ve learned counting till 20 in hindi, and also 30, 40, 50,etc.. This year 2009, is the same as “do hazaar nao”. Please correct me if you know it’s wrong;) I’ve borrowed some books in the library, so I’m reading some things about India. Also I’m interested in visiting Taj Mahal. Really, Taj Mahal is so pretty!

Do you notice, I don’t prepare for ‘the worst’ when I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before. Of course, feeling SAFE is GOOD, and knowing what you should not do, and what you want to do, is OK. But if you are going somewhere new, don’t “prepare” yourself for terrible things to happen, things like loosing luggage, passport, money etc.. And crazy things like being kidnapped, the plane crashing… It’s not gonna happen if you stay positive and focus about GOOD things. Why should it happen to you?? When you are doing something new, going some place new, learn about the place in a positive way. Figure out what cool new stuff you can teach there, what you can explore, how to talk to people there, feel how it’s like relaxing there etc. Have fun and create your vaccation before you’re going there. It attracts those things to you and it creates your perfect vaccation! ❤

So have fun by doing this!

How you are gonna get there? Focus about the end result. And work on yourself, finding your negative thoughts and believes standing in the way for your goal/vaccation (I don’t have enough money, time etc..), and work on changing them into positive believes (I’m going on a cool vaccation soon! I have enough money..).

If you know someone  going on an exciting trip, be happy for them, an that happiness you send out, will come back to you with positive vaccation vibes. And YOUR vaccation is getting closer. Being happy for others – makes you happy. If you are happy for other people’s wealth, it’s becoming YOUR wealth, and you get MORE money and wealth. If you are happy for other people’s great relationships, it brings you better relationships!

Cause being jelous etc. tells the Universe that you do not have those things, and so you will not.

The world is yours!

Have a wonderful day=)=)



learning is easy!

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Do you like learning new stuff? Do tell you this, your grades at school are not telling you that you are smart or stupid. They are telling you have motivated you are, how interested you are in learning subjects, how ambitious you are. Are something ‘thriving you forward’?

You can learn anything you want. It doesn’t matter. But believe that you can, feel good about it, listen, remember. Don’t think you can’t do it, cause you can. Right now I’m learning myself hindi. I’m going to India in november so I thought it would be cool to be able to speak and write some hindi then. And I know I can, and that I will. I feel motivated to do this, and it’s getting much more easy than.

Don’t you know – or remember – at school that boring subjects you payed less attention to, and therefore you got bad grades? Sometimes you can force yourself forward even though it’s boring, but why not say YES to learn something fun? Knowledge is power, if you use it. I can tell you that:) So why don’t you try? Learn something new!

I’ve just learned to count to ten in hindi:P



a new guy has shown up!

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Okay.. Now, after my holiday, I’m back at work, and this new guy has began. He has worked her for 3 weekes now, and I think I start to like him:P

Which means – what about my previous guy I’ve been thinking about all the time? I haven’t seen him for two months, but anyway. I still like him too, but this new guy could be a improven response from the Universe. I found it kind of hard talking to this guy I have liked for a long time, so I wanted someone who is much easier to talk to – which I also like. And this guy is! Also he is cute! So Who knows. I’ll keep you updated;) But it’s kinda simple! The Universe responds to what you wish for!

I’ve been thinking so much about India for some months, I’ve had coaching myself from an indian woman, so I’m attracting a lot of indian energy lol – this new guy is from India 😛


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Cards from the Universe

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The last two weekes, I’ve had in my mind to find cards around telling me something about my life, my goals, giving me important quotes.

First time I thought about it, a few days after I found a card on the road outside. I told my sister who was with me that I should stop and read this card. It must have something important to say. It was advertising for a shoe store. But the sentence on the card was quite obvious: “Follow your dreams”. Wow, kind of cool, huh?

So in the last two weekes, I’ve found two other cards too. Those two cards I found somehow mystery appearing on the counter at the place I work. The first one said “Stay Smarter”, and the last one I found yesterday. It said: “Focus on quality”. Niice=) Why don’t you try so yourself? Deside to find cards or anything else that will tell you important things, and let them appear. It can also be sentences you find on commercials, stores etc.. And also objects or other things. It doesn’t have to be cards. When things show up, you can collect them, or take picture of them etc.. It’s a fun memory to keep=)

Have a wonderful day!;)


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